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August 22, 2011

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I am very pleased to write this post today and unveil my new business, Loki Loki Marketing by Design.

In the most basic sense, things are the same: I’m still offering high-quality, custom marketing design services like I was under my eponymous business, but I now have a proper company name. But that’s not the whole story… Some things may be the same, but mostly, they’re better!

Why the change? Well, it’s a combination of things. First, I felt that it was about time to be true to myself stylistically and put a look and feel out there with my brand identity that was truly and authentically me, rock-and-roll-meets-NYC-glam. Ironically, it took separating my business from my name in order for me to be able to do this effectively. With the new, edgier look, I aim to better appeal to the type of clientele I love to work with, those who want something creative and unique, with just the right amount of fun mixed in. Additionally, over the years I have been in business, I have built partnerships with several talented collaborators which has allowed me to expand my offerings beyond what could be offered by Cody McBurnett alone. I can now refocus my attention on what I do best (because it’s what I enjoy most—or is it vice-versa?), working with clients to solve their marketing design dilemmas, come up with creative solutions, and focus on design, functionality, and user-experience. Identity with impact.

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P.S. Want to know a bit more about what inspires me? There’s a special “hidden” page here on the new site that you should try to find… Happy hunting!

P.P.S. Like the site? Stay tuned (via Facebook, Twitter, and/or Mailing List) for up-coming posts about the creation of this site, including info on how to get in touch with the fantastic folks who contributed to it and tutorials on the effects and features I used to develop and design it.

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