Customize Your Email Signature to Include Your Logo

January 11, 2011

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Adding your logo to your email signature in Gmail is a great way to maintain your branding in all of your communications and present a professional image. It’s pretty easy too… I’ll show you how in the following step-by-step how-to.

The first step is to upload your logo to the web so you have a URL for the image. From your WordPress dashboard, go to Media > Add New > Select Files.

upload new media

Upload your logo. Once it has finished uploading, double click on the area of the “File URL” and copy the file URL to your clipboard (control + c on a Mac).

copy image url

In Gmail, go to the Settings (find that link in the top right of your screen).

gmail settings bar

Scroll down and find the Signature section. Click on the add-an-image button (it looks like a tiny picture) and paste your logo’s URL (command + v on a Mac) into the space provided. If the URL is correct, you will see your logo appear.

adding an image to your gmail signature

Hit “OK” and viola—there it is! Add any other information you want in your signature, like a phone number and web address. In order to make the web address an active link, highlight it and click on the add-a-link button (it looks like a tiny chain link). Format your signature using the tool bar (center, change the text color, etc.).

custom gmail signature

WAIT! What’s that you see there?!? My email address is listed as, not What’s up with that? That’s another tutorial for another day. Want to stay on top of it? Follow me on twitter or subscribe to my RSS feed in the right-hand sidebar of this site. Back to your regularly scheduled programming…

At the bottom of the Settings screen, click on Save Changes.

save changes

Now you can test it out: click on Compose Mail and see your signature appear!

e-mail signature

Don’t have Gmail? Want another option? Websites like WiseStamp also make creating a professional email signature quick and easy.

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